Gwynn Gebeyehu is a white female wearing a black dress with an antigue pin.

Dr. gwynn gebeyehu learned that she loved math from her sixth grade teacher, Mr. Williams. Teachers were her heroes so she became one herself, in Auckland, New Zealand where she also taught Spanish. She completed her PhD in Statistics at the University of Auckland (the birthplace of R), completed a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard Business School, then lectured at the Wharton Business School.


Berhanu is a smiling black male wearing a black shirt

Berhanu Gebeyehu dreamed of moving to the USA when his physics teacher in Ethiopia mentioned a friend who worked at NASA. In 1992, he was one of 7 Ethiopian students to get a perfect on the Ethiopian School Leaving Certificate exam, and was automatically given a full scholarship to study Electrical Engineering at Addis Ababa University. In 2004, he came to the USA to do an MS in Computer Science at Maharishi International University, the home of transcendental meditation.


A smiling picture of our dog Clam: she is half labrodor and half weimeraner.

Clam is in charge of fun, waggles, and walks.